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YOU 2.0™ is a high-level Dojo that moves you from 1.0 to You 2.0™
quickly and effectively, it is both an inner and outer journey.

In the Dojo you will learn to go within and discover who you are not, by observing who you think you are, the stories we tell ourselves. You must become the observer of your mind and let go of your false identities.
Only then will you truly know yourself. Only then can we experience the present moment, the awareness of Consciousness, essentially witnessing the separation of self. 

The Dojo deepens our capacity to cope and release difficult lower vibrational emotions, negative subconscious beliefs, programs, loops, unhealthy attachments, overthinking and feeling, and even the ego. When practiced in tandem with Coherence Healing® and Oneo® A Way of Life, the Dojo can awaken the light within so YOU can live a life filled with love, joy, and happiness.

What's the difference between 1.0 and YOU 2.0?

1.0 is living in darkness at lower vibrations, constantly stressed, with your emotions dominated by sadness, grief, fear, anger, judgment, guilt, and shame. It’s feeling stuck in life with no joy or happiness, feeling separate and alone, always living in the past or the future and wishing for something different. You view yourself with a negative lens and your health will inevitably decline.


YOU 2.0™ is living at a higher vibration, full of light and abundance. Your mind will become quieter, equipped with a more positive lens to view yourself with kindness and compassion. Feeling newly energized, your level of Consciousness will expand so you can start to think differently. You will begin to see fresh opportunities and synchronicities everywhere, creating unlimited possibilities and, more importantly, happiness.

The Dojo is not for everyone, as it involves challenging the ego and confronting your fears and doubts. Your internal programs of 'wanting to quit' and 'it's never going to work' will be ever-present. That is until a more joyful way of thinking and a new sustainable belief system becomes your new identity and vibration. 


Most of us spend a great deal of our lives being slaves to our unfulfilled wants, needs and desires, creating pain and suffering which separates us from truly experiencing the present.


Main Dojo Room

  • Open 3 days a week

  • 1 hour per day 

  • 45-minute sessions

  • 15-minute Q&A

Before every session we will begin with a 10-minute 2.0 breath.

Oneo - One With Yourself®

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