Here is where Unshackling differs from any other stand-alone psychotherapy, kinesiology and energy modalities including talk therapy. Unshackling is a four-part process that combines:

  1. Energy clearing and healing

  2. Chakra rebalancing

  3. Connecting with consciousness

  4. Completing your past and letting go

I can access consciousness, the subconscious mind your energy body, energy field, chakras, all life traumas, provide regression healing and communicate with your higher-self.

Guiding you to finally completing your past and letting go. Expanding your consciousness and reality based on who we think we are and who we think we are not, and to let go of your egoic-reality way of thinking, living and beliefs.

Belief forms the notion of "I am already closed off and I don't need to learn anymore," which eliminates the option of further exploration. We then enter into a world of forgetfulness to come to terms with the known reality, thus creating resistance in our lives in the form of what we have been told.

Because we are living in an illusion or disillusion, this is all we know and think. What we are told is the truth and when we identify with our beliefs, we then start to give those stories prominence. Our beliefs will keep us locked in a continuing equivalent experience over and over again. 

Egoic-reality exists based on our 'identification', created and reinforced by the stories we tell ourselves. These are built by education, our parents’ beliefs, our friends, media, religion and labels, all shaped by our environment.

The same thoughts will always lead to the same choices, actions, and behaviours. In turn, you will create the exact same emotions and feelings and may even create incoherence frequencies. 

Most of your day-to-day experiences are ninety-five percent run by your subconscious mind, which means that you are on autopilot. This is in contrast to your conscious mind, which only accounts for about five percent of your regular functioning.

So, your future won’t change significantly from your present if you continue to think the same thoughts. Similar things will continue to manifest in your life because you are resonating with those kinds of lower emotions.


If you want to change how your future looks, you must first change the stories that you continuously tell yourself, your program and your reflection on reality in the now.