Social Coherence

Coherence healing isn't just about energy, vibrations and frequencies it's also about learning to make a deeper connection with ourselves which is vital for our wellbeing, as social coherence is necessary for the wellbeing of our humanity.

Social coherence is on the rise it's about the relationship amongst any group like family, work colleges, company, friends, cities and even countries. Coherence is about being harmonious with relationships and how well to we get along with each other.


Learning to work together, in this way, will change the way we operate as a society and bring about a whole-systemic way of thinking and interacting. The time is right, as the internet brings us the means to injecting these concepts into a global-mindset, coming together in cooperative ways.

As individuals we are not fixed in our nature, we evolve and adapt due to different life circumstances and are able to deal with greater intellectual and emotional complexity. Spiral dynamics is one of the models used to describe this evolution.

Some people call it evolutionary psychology and a lot of actually what's happening in the world right now, what I believe is many people are going through what is called a spiritual awakening, are upgrading to a new level of consciousness.

Quantum manifestation highlights the different levels of consciousness and our vibrational state of being. Spiral dynamics once you understand it, can show you why certain people think a certain way and why different colours argue with each other because there are literally on different levels of consciousness.


Spiral dynamics is not a linear or hierarchical model; stages of progress and regression over time are dependent upon the life circumstances of the person.

Attaining higher stages of development is not synonymous with attaining a ‘better’ or ‘more correct’ values system. All stages co-exist in both healthy and unhealthy states, whereby any stage of development can lead to undesirable outcomes.

Sometimes the easiest way to get a sense of the values development stage you are in is to reflect on specific values that represent each level and colour see where there is resonance or dissonance in comparison with how you behave and live your life.


In the table below, we have collected a list of such values and assigned them to the values level with which we believe they best correspond