TESLA 369 Group Meditation

Hi Cornelius,

Today was my first time for the Telsa meditation and I must say at the beginning I was a bit lost - with the breathing - and not understanding for a few minutes who was doing all these activations and openings… Then I got it and relaxed.

This was absolutely amazing! I felt energy coursing through me gently but also very powerfully. It was like a wave clearing and carrying out blockages, low frequencies and anything that did not belong. I have no words to describe what I felt but a big thank you for your amazing abilities.

I will definitely sign up for the 2 meditations per month soon.
Christiane xx


TESLA 369 Group Meditation

Missed the session unfortunately!
Will book to get into another one soon.


TESLA 369 Group Meditation

The experience was amazing x I went very deep and felt like I had passed out but was also here x I felt so at peace after session x thank you so much x


TESLA 369 Group Meditation

It was a good experience, I tried my best to keep the minds attention off of the thoughts that came up. I am looking forward to the next one.


TESLA 369 Group Meditation

First week of attending the meditations. I absolutely love them. I go very deep every single time effortlessly. I feel extremely light and peaceful afterwards. I also feel my body buzzing of energy throughout the day. As if my vibration frequency is leveling up! Thank you so much Cornelius. You are so kind and take so much time to answer everyone’s questions. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻💗💗💗


TESLA 369 Group Meditation

Hi Cornelius, I have now attended 4 Tesla sessions with you all of which have been absolutely amazing and I feel a lightness in the body that I hadn’t felt before. The very first session (12/11) blew my mind- I was as if wrapped in warm cocoon of energy and there were flashes of light as the downloads happened. I was as if in a vortex of energy and then the 8 th and the 9 th chakra opened and I could feel the crown tingle immensely. It was a beautiful meditation and every word you said I felt in my body -I knew that I didn’t want to miss any going forward. I deeply appreciate your work and thank you for giving it all so freely it has made a great difference in my life . ♥️♥️

Love and Regards


TESLA 369 Group Meditation

I really didn't think I could put words to this experience, but I'll try. I felt completely at peace. I felt as if I couldn't lift a finger, or even turn my head because I felt so deeply peaceful. Everything felt so perfect. This was completely healing on every level. This has happened almost every time I have been in meditation with Cornelius and the Tesla 3, 6, 9 Group. I also was having a physical problem that was quite painful and this was so much better the next day and disappeared completely 2 days later. I am so very grateful a friend recommended him. Cornelius is love, light, joy, gratitude and kindness spilling out all over the multiverse. I hope all who read this, get to experience his many gifts and multi-dimensional healing abilities.


TESLA 369 Group Meditation

Thank you, Cornelius. You are authentic and the energy flows through you. I have noticed some body shifts already in two Tesla sessions. I have been clogged for months and things are starting to move again. Always remember that here in Canada we have central heat and Canada would welcome you and your beloved.


TESLA 369 Group Meditation

I love the sensation I experience during the duration of holding my breath after a round of Tesla 3-6-9 breathing. Appreciate you Cornelius!


TESLA 369 Group Meditation

This was unlike any other guided meditation I've ever done. To my surprise, I went pretty deep pretty fast. I had several dreams but never fell asleep. I didn't know that could occur. I'm very happy with this experience. My thanks to Cornelius.


TESLA 369 Group Meditation

Loved the meditation, as always. It seems that there is a consistent meditation group. I wondered if you thought it might be good, if there's time, to have people introduce themselves, tell where they're from, and something about their spiritual interests.


TESLA 369 Group Meditation

I feel relaxed and rejuvinated after doing the 369 meditations. Thank you Cornelius and Team.


TESLA 369 Group Meditation

Really enjoyed it. Looking forward to trying it again.



Enjoyed it. Deepening energetic experience. No noticable changes afterwards.



I feel really good. I’m buzzing since your reading/healing. Thank you so much. I was going to say on our subsequent group sessions.
You know how reluctant I am to do the healing. The next day as I was thinking how will I help others, an ex girlfriend friend phones me and I do a healing for her. The a friend phones who is a practitioner in her own right in a panic as her daughter had lost her sight. After my initial panic which didn’t last long thanks to your work. Things went well and the 😇‘S did their work and her sight returned.
I really feel great and am very grateful for your help.
I was really tempted to ask you to use my old Tibetan bowl and other bits that I felt might have helped on the Saturday Q&A.
Thanks again. See you Monday evening or Tuesday morning for you.
Bless you both and your kitties.
Tomás 😀


Healing Kindness Group Healing

Felt lighter after the session. Thank you Cornelius.


Healing Kindness Group Healing

I didn’t experience anything during the healing session until I reported this to Cornelius, and he called upon Consciousness and his guides to help. I was able to turn my neck and the headache disappeared. Pain went from a level 8 to a 2, and an hour later all pain was gone. After 8 days it remains much better. I was impressed. I have never before experienced such a quick resolution of physical pain. Thank you, Cornelius, and the Higher Consciousness that heals through you. Much love and gratitude.


Healing Kindness Group Healing

I Cornelius,
I´ve only been to two sessions so its hard to judge the effects. First meditation I felt quite a lot and the second I felt nothing. Nonetheless I´ve had a couple of sessions via your chatbox and they have helped shift my energy. I´m leaving the membership because I´ve got too much on my plate with work, volunteering work and courses I´m taking that make the timetable incompatible.
Nontheless I will be booking sessions for me and people I know to have a one to one. I think I prefer this format .

Thank you for everything and hope to speak to you on the chatroom or during our booked sessions.

Much blessings!!


Healing Kindness Group Healing

I feel lighter, happier and more willing to face the challenges of the day-kind of cleared of resistances in me to life/living


HEAL Private Session

My back is feeling good. What a relief. Excited to see how it develops. Will be back for more. Thank you Cornelius, you are amazing.


HEAL Private Session

Thank you so much Cornelius x the session was amazing x my broken toe is completely healed x no pain and I can move it x as for all the other issues we sorted I will let you know as time goes by x thank you x thank you x thank you x much love n light to you x Bim x 💖💜🌹



Cornelius didn't turn up for the session and didn't respond to two emails asking to reschedule. I still feel that Cornelius is a well-intentioned individual who is attempting to do good in the world. You asked for feedback though and this is what happened for me.



Very confused. I gave feedback and asked a question the other day and have not received a response. Their seem to be so many options. I don't know quite what to do,


Ask Cornelius - Connecting with Consciousness Live Q & A

Very unique experience. Ever since i saw the batgap episode and read your book, ive felt drawn to you mate, cant say if its wishful thinking or truly a amazing new talent. But i hope its legit and i cant wait to continue working with you, i promise to be as pure and kind with my whole being as i can.

Thanks mate i cant say that enough, death nearly got me many times and well might still.

So having a fellow antipodian thats a master is just well, no words can describe my gratitude.



Ask Cornelius - Connecting with Consciousness Live Q & A

Hi thank you for the session , it might be a good idea for future sessions to stick to the questions from the question board. And not keep the session as a conversation with participants.
It would help with maintaining a time limit and also concentrate on the questions, rather than being a general drawing room conversation. After the first few minutes it lost direction and became ended.


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