Quantum Manifestation 

Reality fundamentally has no meaning other than the meaning we give it. So the first thing is you need to believe that you're healthy and let go of your old way of thinking, regardless of the rewards and the need for attention from other people. 


View yourself without any health issues or problems because you might have agreed to something in the past at a subconscious level, reinforced by the stories you tell. So when you separate yourself consciously, no longer agreeing with the diagnosis or outcome, every present moment is now new and the past doesn't exist anymore.

In this way, you can create a new future for yourself, permitting yourself to be whole and complete. See yourself as if you're already living happily in that alternative reality. Reflect on how you see yourself and in turn, how others see you. If you want to change your reflection, change how you relate to it. Live as if that version of you is more authentic to who you are, as that is the key to quantum healing.


Every moment, we are shifting through different alternative realities. The degree to which we shift will depend upon the beliefs you have, the thoughts, the emotions, and the actions you’re taking into the present moment.


So in order to really create a transformational change in your life, you need to rise from your lower negative vibrational state to a higher positive vibrational state. This will enable you to manifest and create your own reality, from more of an observational point of view. See illustration.

The beliefs we have in the present moment are now picking up on different alternative future realities that are in alignment with us. So every time we are vibrationally shifting upwards, we are creating a new moment in the now; this is also what quantum physics is showing us.

Once you change reality, you must then also understand that alternative realities and experiences already exist. You just need to embody the frequency of that alternative reality in order to quantum manifest. 

Not only would we be starting to create a more powerful point of view, but we also have the potential to shift our level of consciousness to a higher field of awareness. Our thoughts can correlate with what we want to experience in our life.

Personal transformations occur from a vibrational rate of four hundred and below, but real quantum manifestation happens above the level of five hundred. This level is all about unconditional love and the perspective of an infinite number of parallel realities that exist in a higher realm of consciousness.

I can help you achieve this level of consciousness by raising your vibrational level and assisting you in manifesting the life you would like, something that is tangible to you so you can let go of everything that is holding you back.

When you are meditating or in a deep meditative state, I can raise your entire energy in order to shift your awareness beyond your body, and you will start to become energy. And when you become energy, you shift your focus and you become nothing. When you’re nothing, you can become anything and everything.


So a key to quantum manifestation is taking the awareness away from the physical form and into the quantum field. Your energy goes far beyond that of your body.