Quantum Living 

From my personal experience, Please read I believe entirely that humanity needs to change the way we treat one another, consciously or subconsciously, and that we create incoherent frequencies for ourselves and others.

If you don't change your stories, environment, and reflection, even after coherence healing, unfortunately, there is a high chance that you will be continually brought back to your base point frequency, which is another way to describe your loop. What I mean by your base point is sometimes called a cybernetic mechanism.


A cybernetic mechanism is something that will always revert to its original base point, like a thermostat.


Let's say your office environment was a pleasant 65 degrees and someone decided to open a window; the room temperature could eventually drop below 65 degrees. When this happens, the heating unit will kick back in and bring the heat back up to 65 degrees; this is the base point.


If you wanted to make a direct change to the room temperature, you would have to walk over to the thermostat and physically turn it up or down to the desired temperature.


If you see yourself at the same subconscious base point that you have always seen yourself, you will get the same results and be reaffirmed by your thoughts and feelings. This will keep you locked into your familiar past and your predictable future.

We live in an energy-responsive world where intention radiates throughout. Fundamental to everything is attitude and perception. Until we have a coherent frequency and heal our reflection, the root cause of our misery, and awaken the 'who I am', our inherent confusion will continue to manifest itself all around us and the world.​

An excellent example of the power of intention is Dr. Masaru Emoto's Water Experiment, in which he discovered the difference between negative and positive intentions over water. Saying ‘I love you’ or even thinking ‘I hate you’ changed the crystallization composition of the water molecules.


If intention can change water molecules and our body is over 70% water, think about the power of intention when you judge yourself or someone else. These thoughts will also sit in your energy field and reflect back on a similar life situation, creating a perpetual cycle.

Now that you understand the power of intention, you must also realise that you create reality. The issue is that your ego creates reality; you do not create reality.

Without realising it, you may have even contributed to someone's incoherent frequency. It may have only been a passing comment, followed by "I am only kidding," or you might have meant it. If positive thoughts, intention, belief, and love can heal and restore you to a more coherent frequency, then what do you think negative thoughts and intentions can do?

It can be as small as a thought or as big as you can create, but what’s crazy is that you may have also contributed to your own incoherent frequency and lower vibrational state by adding to someone else's. 

Stop replaying your stories and corrupted scenarios in your head. Look at your reflection and tell yourself that the answers come from within, not out there. Do not identify with or feed on anyone else's stories, else you will become someone else's story. And vibrationally, you will only attract other people who will also associate with your story. 


Keep clearing your timeline of friends who bring you negative situations and drama. Unfollow, delete, erase texts, block their numbers, and stop reconnecting with toxic people from your past just because you're lonely. 

Love, joy, peace, and happiness is your natural state of being. The reason you might not feel any of these emotions is that you are holding yourself down through your identity. Through the stories you tell yourself and through the different things that have happened in your past.

Depression, mental health, and illness are no joke. Look all around you, look at your family, your friends. How many loved ones will it take for you to change your attitude towards someone else or even consider taking your own life? I am not sure how many of you will ever get the chance to witness your death, as I did. 


I saw the devastation that I left behind. I saw how my beautiful wife, the one person who showed me kindness and loved me just for being me, would never find love, happiness, or joy again.

Love yourself, because that's who you'll be spending most of your time with. When you love yourself, you glow from within and vibrationally have a more coherent frequency.


If you want to experience love, give love back. If you're going to experience happiness, be happy for others. If you want kindness, be kind. If you wish to have respect, be respectful. If you want peace, encourage peace. If you don't want to be judged, don't judge back.

There are about 8 billion people on this planet, and we all have energy fields, and all of our energy fields are interconnected. This makes it possible for our thoughts and intentions to create a quantum shift in the structure of the universe, which now gives us an infinite number of new parallel realities that exist. 

Be the change you want to see in you and the world.