The story begins the moment Cornelius experiences what physicists call a quantum superposition, during which he is forced to watch his funeral and the heart-wrenching scene of his wife finding him dying from his future suicide.


From there, the roller coaster ride continues, moving the captivated reader from moments that are painfully honest, gritty and raw, to scenes that are heartwarming, romantic and laugh-out-loud funny.

Through a perplexing series of unfolding events following his quantum superposition, Cornelius discovers newfound abilities, including his continuous connection with Consciousness and a gift for healing.

While healing his wife, Cornelius is shown a vision and channelled by Collective Consciousness to write his life story and share the knowledge he gained from his Consciousness awakening with the world. 

ONEO ® is more than an autobiography; it’s a must-read for anyone wanting to learn how to escape their emotional and physical pain or be free of the ego by learning to expand their Consciousness and raise their vibrations.


It is a valuable, in-depth, self-help resource of eye-opening truths about reality and how we can influence it to improve our lives by realising our power of choice in every moment of Now.

"Prepare yourself for your awakening."

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"...In comparison with other spiritual books that I had read, I can say that the information in his book has been giving in a such a simple way that any human being will understand it without any problems. While reading it, all the time when there were some question has popped up in my head I was able to find the answer to it."


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