23rd & 24th MAY

Making kindness the new norm weekend retreat is an opportunity to dedicate an entire weekend to learn how to be kind to yourself, live from the heart and raise your vibrational state of being.

This online weekend retreat is centred around two chapters from my self-reflective autobiography called ONEO: Enlightenment of eternal life, the acceptance of I, and one with yourself. It would be highly beneficial if you read ONEO beforehand so you can get the best out of the weekend's retreat. Buy online here.

Day 1 - 23rd May.

Approximately 6 hours TBC

It will be centred around Chapter 18 - Survivor, Outwit, Outlast, Outplay.


"On 11th September at 3:33 am, I had an epiphany: I realised that I had been playing the largest interactive, real-time, fully submerged virtual reality role-playing game in the world. Seven continents, one hundred and ninety-five countries, four-thousand-four-hundred and sixteen cities. Eight billion players and one planet.


For nearly forty-five years, no one had told me I had been playing in a game called Survivor-Planet Earth: Outlast, Outwit, and Outplay. But I had. As far as I knew it was compulsory."


We will be discussing how to identify other peoples gameplay in the drama triangle of victim, villain or hero. If you see yourself at the same subconscious base point as the victim, villain or hero you will get the same results. 


This will keep you locked into your familiar past and predictable future gaming experience without realising that your behaviour is on a loop and you’re on autopilot resulting in living in lower negative vibrations, creating incoherent frequencies for yourself and other game players.

Day 2 - 24th May.

Approximately 6 hours TBC

It will be centred around Chapter 21 - Connecting with Consciousness.


"A trauma is any experience that leads to judgement, criticism, guilt and blaming of self or others. Each person caught in a villain, victim, or hero drama triangle is caught in a continuous cycle of trauma. There is no scale to trauma; trauma is personal to everyone. Just because you don’t understand someone’s trauma doesn’t mean it’s not trauma. It is to them.”


We will be focusing on how trauma can influence our seven major energy centres or chakras and how our emotions, feelings, and thoughts create our reality which can then result in physical pain, illness, disease or continuously living in lower vibrations. But more importantly, how to identify what needs to be addressed for you to live in a higher, happier vibration.


  • 2 New Coherence Healing Activation Meditations

  • Ask Cornelius live interactive QnA's for you to explore whatever arises in the moment.

  • A unique QnA with D (my wife) regarding her perspective over the last 2 years living with someone who has no inner voice.



With the intention of making this retreat accessible for everybody who wishes to join, there are three options to choose from. Please select the option that is most relevant for you, based on your current financial situation. If you feel like donating more than the suggestions, please use the donation button and know that we are so grateful for your kindness.


You will receive cloud recordings of each session. If you cannot attend specific sessions live due to the time difference, you are invited to watch the missed session's recording at a suitable time for you during the weekend.