The Multiverse

"You have to experience first hand what Cornelius can do, there are no words to explain what or how he does what he does absolutely no words what so ever." Susan - Birmingham England


"Where do I begin… I cannot sugar coat this, nor lie, but this is the first time I've met someone who takes their time and TRULY cares for their clients. It felt as if he was inside my mind, my heart and soul.


The words I write for you today, do not begin to scratch the surface of who this man is, and how phenomenal and magical his work really is. I feel our souls will forever be connected, not just as a form of guide or mentor, but as a friend. He has helped me with finding my deepest soul questions, I’ve yearned for, for what felt like my whole life."  Rayna  - Florida USA


"I have been working with Cornelius for over a month now the difference that I feel emotionally and physically in me is incredible. I had no idea that you can feel this way."  Stephanie  - California USA


"Thank you for reaffirming and also encouraging me with what I know what to do for my self. Infinite wisdom and mind-blowing information as well. Quite a gentle being and authentic."  Christine - California USA


"Cornelius gave an extremely accurate and in-depth subconscious mind and energy reading!! His ability to detect the smallest "trouble spots" is amazing! I still have no idea how he knew so much about the issues regarding my past traumas ones that I have been carrying around with me all this time. He is very caring, this world is lucky to have him!"  Sue - Texas USA


"I had a few Reiki sessions in Bali last year and I thought that was a good introductory level to energy therapy, but nothing absolutely nothing compared to what I experienced during my first distant healing session with Cornelius. That was something else, something out of this world, phenomenal, Thank you very, very gifted."  Jacki - Sydney Australia 


"I have had four remote healing sessions with Cornelius previously, and I can't express how differently I feel. I have always been open-minded, and I had previously experienced distant energy healing throughout my life before so I knew what to expect. What I wasn't expecting is the amount of energy you could feel once we started the session"  John T - San Fransisco, USA


What can I say, since I saw you two days ago, you are truly gifted blessed to be given such amazing spiritual qualities? I am forever grateful for meeting someone like you. I have seen Cornelius twice now, in the space of three weeks and I am still not sure what happened or how to explain it, I not sure there is any way to explain what he did, but all I can say is wow. Rose - Auckland New Zealand


I am still not sure what happened, but I felt happier and more content after one session as if something had been lifted from off my body, such a strange experience. What was even more bizarre than that experience was he knew I had digestive issues, even to the point of what I ate the following evening. Erin - Auckland New Zealand.