$70 NZD / $44 USD / 35 GPB per month*

*as of 28/03/22 exchange rates may fluctuate


  1. Select your desired plan from the menu above. Use the 'CLICK HERE TO JOIN' button. This will open the Checkout form for your selected plan.

  2. Follow Step 1 instructions on the Checkout form to Sign Up for a membership account. Submit your contact details and password.

  3. Go to your email inbox and find the email from us asking you to verify your address (check your Spam folder in case you cannot find it).

  4. Confirm your address in the email. This will bring you back to the Checkout form.

  5. Follow Step 2 instructions on the Checkout form to complete the payment details for your monthly donation (you can only do this step after you confirm your address)

  6. Check your Inbox for a confirmation email and instructions for how to access Member pages