Coherence Healing Activation Meditations aren't just about trying to clear the mind or create inner peace; silence or tranquillity these meditations are to teach you to be kind to yourself and that the negative internal chatter isn't you or your identity. 

During these meditations expect thoughts to pour in from all directions. Please do not follow or push them to one side instead accept what comes through, observe, acknowledge and focus on the vibrations and energy you're experiencing. Eventually the thoughts will slowly disappear like clouds in the sky. 


Your Consciousness will expand, and your heart will start to open. You will begin to feel higher vibrations like love, joy, gratitude and happiness, which is our natural state of being. Please be patient give yourself time and trust this process based on energy, vibrations and frequency will work. 

No previous meditation experience is needed, only a desire to try something different in order to feel better.


Most people experience a tangible feeling of energetic release, which can include involuntary movements, tremors, muscle pops, twitches, adjustments and even skeletal alignments. Some experience the feeling of energetic waves or vibrations moving throughout the body as the energy centres / chakras are being activated. ​


In addition to a tangible response, many also feel lighter, as if an emotional weight has been lifted and at the same time, clear emotional blockages.

All meditations are via Zoom (video optional; you can just choose the audio if you wish).


All meditations are 30 minutes

These activation meditations are gentle but deep energy healing and are a perfect introduction for people who are new to Coherence Healing. Afterwards you should feel more relaxed, rejuvenated, balanced and lighter. 

TESLA 3-6-9  

All meditations are 1 hour or more.

We start these meditations with the Tesla breath, this breathwork will get you into a deep state of consciousness, very quickly even if you have never meditated before. Each meditation is channelled by Nikola Tesla.


All meditations are 1 hour or more.

These meditations are from the heart and not from the perspective of our own wants, needs or desires. We only vibrationally manifest for other peoples happiness, abundance and health and have trust Consciousness will provide for you.


All meditations are 1 hour or more.

During these meditations you will go deep within giving yourself the permission to connect with your heart, the subconscious and Consciousness, without fear, expect nothing back in return and just BE. 

This is the only meditation I participate in where I hold space, raise my vibrations which then allows you to connect with Consciousness on a deeper level.


Meditation can be done anywhere you feel it is comfortable: either sitting on the floor, in a chair or even lying down. At the start of all our meditation sessions we will begin with breathwork in order to acquire the correct vibrational state quickly. For best results, we advise you to wear comfortable clothes, and use headphones, earphones, or earbuds. 


The Tesla Breath is a deep conscious breathing process that requires you to take deep breaths, filling up your abdomen and placing your intentions either on the fourth or the seventh energy centre also known as the heart and crown chakra.

We begin the breathwork by taking in 3 large deep abdominal breaths followed by 3 quick breaths. Then we take 6 large deep abdominal breaths followed by 6 quick breaths. We then take 9 large deep abdominal breaths in  followed by 9 quick breaths. Hold the breath for as long as you can comfortably at the end of each round the last quick breath the 9th. This is 1 round.

We repeat this process for an additional 2 or more rounds if necessary and at the end of your rounds allow yourself to relax. From here I will then be guided by Nikola himself during the entire meditation session.