Our membership program includes a variety of group sessions that help Be the Change members to distinguish our Selves (silent awareness) from our thoughts, and develop kindness to self, building the foundation for a joyful life and kindness to others. All members are entitled to participate in any and all of the sessions, and one or two of these Zoom meetings is scheduled for almost every day of the month.

No previous meditation experience is needed, only a desire to try something different in order to feel better.


Most people experience a tangible feeling of energetic release, which can include involuntary movements, tremors, muscle pops, twitches, adjustments and even skeletal alignments. Some experience the feeling of energetic waves or vibrations moving throughout the body as the energy centres / chakras are being activated. ​


In addition to a tangible response, many also feel lighter, as if an emotional weight has been lifted and at the same time, clear emotional blockages.

All meditations are via Zoom (video optional; you can just choose the audio if you wish).


All meditations are 30 minutes

These healing-activation meditations provide gentle but deep healing and are a perfect introduction for people who are new to Coherence Healing™. Afterward, you should feel more relaxed, rejuvenated, balanced, and lighter. Each meditation is directed by Louise Hay, as channeled by Cornelius Christopher. 

TESLA 3-6-9  

All meditations are 1 hour or more.

We start these activation meditations with the Tesla Breath. This breathwork will get you into a deep state of consciousness very quickly, even if you have never meditated before.  Each meditation is directed by Nikola Tesla, as channeled by Cornelius Christopher.


All meditations are 1 hour or more.

These meditations are conducted from the heart and not from the perspective of our own wants, needs, or desires.  We only manifest vibrationally for other people’s happiness, abundance, and health and trust that Consciousness will provide for our own wellbeing. 


All meditations are 1 hour or more.

During these meditations you will go deep within, giving yourself permission to connect with your heart, the subconscious, and Consciousness, without fear.  Expect nothing in return, and just Be.  This is the one meditation that Cornelius participates in, himself, holding space, raising his vibrations, and allowing you to connect with Consciousness on a deep level.


This is a live, interactive group Q & A session. It is your chance to get answers to your questions from Consciousness.  (How often does one have the opportunity to do that?) Each event will have a unique topic or theme.



These are fascinating stories of extraordinary, true-life consciousness, spiritual, and kundalini-awakening experiences, unexplainable synchronicities, and expressions of love and heart.  Members will be the hosts and ask questions of our guests, after they share their stories during live Zoom sessions, or just listen in.  Replays will be available on our public YouTube channel



Making Kindness the New Norm online retreats are an opportunity to dedicate an entire weekend to learning how to be kind to yourself, living from the heart, and raising your vibrational state of being.