"I really didn't think I could put words to this experience, but I'll try. I felt completely at peace. I felt as if I couldn't lift a finger, or even turn my head because I felt so deeply peaceful. Everything felt so perfect. This was completely healing on every level. This has happened almost every time I have been in meditation with Cornelius and the Tesla 3, 6, 9 Group." - Beverly.

"First week of attending the meditations. I absolutely love them. I go very deep every single time effortlessly. I feel extremely light and peaceful afterwards. I also feel my body buzzing of energy throughout the day. As if my vibration frequency is leveling up! " - Michelle

"The experience was amazing I went very deep and felt like I had passed out but was also here, I felt so at peace after session thank you so much x" - Bim

"My system was quieted and my heart opened during the session. Then I had wonderful sleep and the next day felt very alive, and in tune with the connectedness with people." - Clare B.

"This was absolutely amazing! I felt energy coursing through me gently but also very powerfully. It was like a wave clearing and carrying out blockages, low frequencies and anything that did not belong. I have no words to describe what I felt but a big thank you for your amazing abilities." - Christiane.

"Hi Cornelius, Your Vibrational Manifestation session this morning was out-of-this-world! I still feel the energy upgrade in my heart, connection to Consciousness and to you" - Justin.

"I felt very nice and was in a slightly expanded state, feeling very good. Looking forward to doing more meditations with you!" 

- Asha

"My forearms are getting better than I have been all year. This meditation that I just experienced on New Year's and the extra couple of hours that Cornelius spent with us was incredible! I have learned so much! - Roma.

"After meditation I felt very relaxed and "empty" in a good way. I signed up for another one and recommended to friends" - Kirsty.

"This was unlike any other guided meditation I've ever done. To my surprise, I went pretty deep pretty fast. I had several dreams but never fell asleep. I didn't know that could occur. I'm very happy with this experience." - Bonnie.

"I feel lighter, happier and more willing to face the challenges of the day-kind of cleared of resistances in me to life/living" - Jane.

"Thank you, Cornelius. You are authentic and the energy flows through you. I have noticed somebody shifts already in two Tesla sessions. I have been clogged for months and things are starting to move again" - Linda.

"I have now attended 4 Tesla sessions with you all of which have been absolutely amazing and I feel a lightness in the body that I hadn’t felt before. The very first session (12/11) blew my mind- I was as if wrapped in warm cocoon of energy and there were flashes of light as the downloads happened.


I was as if in a vortex of energy and then the 8 th and the 9 th chakra opened and I could feel the crown tingle immensely. It was a beautiful meditation and every word you said I felt in my body -I knew that I didn’t want to miss any going forward. I deeply appreciate your work and thank you for giving it all so freely it has made a great difference in my life " - Sehar.