Kundalini Awakening

Kundalini is a feminine energy that lies dormant coiled up three times at the base of Root Chakra. I also had never heard of the term Kundalini Awakening before my experience and that every experience is unique to the individual, no two awakenings are ever the same. 


My awakening was brought on by living with over 30 years of sexual, physical and mental abuse, knowing that in a few months I was going to commit suicide, leaving my wife alone in this world. I also didn't want to die, but my inner voice convinced me into believing this was my only option to achieve inner peace finally.


A full-on kundalini awakening from personal experience, is a super-energised activation of inner energy and consciousness beyond the confinements of our mind, ego, personality and fear. 


This inner energetic fire has a distinctly different quality of presence; it can be experienced as powerful, gorgeous, intelligent, loving, ecstatic, healing, and awe-inspiring with an expanded awareness of universal knowledge and a deep understanding of consciousness and reality.


It can also trigger physical changes in specific parts of the body like spontaneously reversing all my illness and diseases including my testicular and prostate cancer overnight. I also don't experience insomnia, lost over 16kgs in weight in the space of three months, without any exercise. I no longer crave meat, in fact, I am a vegetarian now.

I feel ultra-healthy as if I was reborn. All my systems, tissues and organs feel renewed and fresh; my eyes now glisten bright blue when before they were dull and soulless. All of my five senses have now completely been upgraded.


My kundalini awakening had also spontaneously reversed all the mental health issues I no longer have anxiety, suicidal thoughts, depression or that I struggle with loneliness. The first new emotions I felt was contentment and happiness, followed by an enormous amount of love and empathy for humanity and the world. I felt as if I was connected to everyone and everything.


After a week of feeling like this, I told myself that if I had to die right now, I could die perfectly happily, knowing that I had fully experienced the best possible states that existence affords absolute joy, love, bliss, peace, ecstasy and wisdom. 


From this experience, I discovered that death, as people understand it, does not occur when one physically dies; instead, only consciousness exists, and that we were never born so we can never die. I know this because I experienced this.

Some of the examples of what I experience every day since my kundalini and consciousness awakening.

Mundane tasks, such as doing the weekly household chores, are no more; I am unable to be distracted or occupied by any subconscious thoughts or emotions. Whatever attention I place on to something it gets done. Where before I didn't even have the energy to get out of bed.



A great example of this is that I wrote ONEO: Enlightenment of Eternal Life The Acceptance of I, and One with Yourself. A self-published 322-page, a 140,00-words autobiography in less than 60 hours, and I was severely dyslexic before my awakening unable to write one sentence.


I built this website in less than a day when I never had any previous experience before. It was like I already knew what to do before I even did it.


I have pure consciousness, a mind with no inner voice, no chatter, no me, myself or I and no ego — just pure silence where I can connect with universal consciousness at will. I have direct access to the answers to all my spiritual and philosophical questions. My own personal google


I have zero inner distraction, no negativity, no self-doubt. I am unable to generate any negative thoughts consciously or subconsciously with new insights and universal knowledge every day.


I now have a six sense which is psychic awareness, clairvoyance, clairaudience among a few and I am connected to universal consciousness or your akashic records 24/7.


I have an extraordinary ability of energy healing and a phenomenal amount of energy, vibrations and frequencies running through my body.


I can read your chakras/energy centres and your subconscious mind giving you a more in-depth understanding as to why you feel a certain way and why you are unable to move forward. Remotely anywhere in the world.

I no longer experience myself as the person I had been defined as all my life; instead, I see myself as consciousness a massive open field of expansive awareness. Where everything is a probability and a possibility and my mind is no longer in a prison it just got freed after serving a 45-year life sentence.