During this Healing Kindness energy clearing session I will awaken,  align and remove negative energy from the major energy centers in your body. After our session you will feel more relaxed, rejuvenated,  balanced and lighter. This is an opportunity to help you heal and  elevate your vibrational state for more energy, clarity, and relief.

Gain exclusive access to all weekly healing sessions PLUS all Tesla 3-6-9 meditations, and more, for $20 USD / $30 NZD per month by becoming a contributing member. 

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**Special Holiday sessions are now available Sunday through Friday - through Dec 21, 2020**

Sessions must be booked 24 hours in advance

Please note, I live in New Zealand and our online booking system might show a future date and time due to the time zone difference


*For technical or customer support please use the Help Desk for faster response*

Note: Additional staff will be helping me manage this general mailbox so take care not to include highly personal information in your inquiry. Thank you,  Cornelius

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Please book your session and consider attending a group healing or meditation in the interim as I can work with your subconsicous in any scenario. See the Events page for details.

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