TESLA 3-6-9™ 

Tesla 3-6-9 Activation Mediation™ and the Tesla Breath™ is an extremely powerful meditation that expands your Consciousness and raises your vibrations. Words do not do this meditation justice, so I wont even bother.


Silent and Deeply Connected is a powerful deep dive silent meditation that allows you to experience stillness and peace. This meditation is the only one I participate in where I raise my vibrations for a uniquely profound experience.


Blue light love is a silent 30-minute manifestation meditation for health and wellness performed by my wife (D) once a week, where she brings in her unique troupe of Consciousness to do what they do best in order for you to move forward. Limited Time Only


Unshackling resolves deeply ingrained trauma. It is helpful in situations where the person cannot recognise the trauma causing the incoherence and has allowed the negative energy to build over the years. This is where your subconscious can help pinpoint the origin. Your subconscious doesn't mince words.


Your subconscious can tell you what the original trauma was and how you're holding yourself back due to the various limiting beliefs and behaviours you've developed. It gets straight to the point; there is no need for weeks of therapy.


It enables you to shift to a new perspective of Consciousness and reality so that you are no longer confined by limiting beliefs or an "obsolete" ego. These are what hold us back from the life we want to live. 

These sessions are donation pass-it-forward based and all sessions will be uploaded to our Youtube Channel, creating value and worth for others.