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How does your healing work?

The most important thing to realise is that you heal yourself. Your subconscious already knows what you need in order to heal, and it does not mince words. I simply act like an old-fashioned telephone Operator, connecting your Conscious self with your subconscious.


I cannot explain how it works; it is simply a gift I received after my consciousness awakening which I describe in my story, ONEO.


All of us have the capability to connect with Consciousness; my lack of inner voice or resistance of any kind enables me to hear and communicate clearly with your subconscious, which is really just a "part" of Consciousness.

Will my illness, pain, or unwanted issues return?

Because you are the one to heal yourself, you must be willing to hear and listen to the message from your subconscious on what is causing your life challenges, illness, or disease, and what you need to do to free yourself from them.


If you aren't willing to let go of whatever is causing your suffering, which could be a negative habit or a limiting belief, any improvements from our sessions will eventually revert back to your original, incoherent or imbalanced state. If you find your symptoms have returned, sometimes the cause is not so obvious.


Ask yourself, am I being kind to myself and others? Am I practising a low vibration of fear, worry, anger or sadness? Has something changed in my environment that has triggered my reaction? Be kind to yourself as you work through these questions.


Healing is often an upward spiral; as you learn and grow you will be presented with similar challenges, each one an opportunity to identify and release limiting perceptions that you may not have even been aware of before. 

What should I expect during my first session?

It is okay to be skeptical but please leave some room for the possibility that coherence healing actually works. Within seconds I can connect with your subconscious and accurately convey details about you without you ever having told me.


They are accurate because they come from you, your subconscious. So please be respectful and don't waste our time on trivia questions; I would rather spend our session helping you have a better life.


Do you ever refuse to help anyone?

We offer donation-based services to help everyone in need, regardless of their ability to pay. Each client receives the same quality of help. The only time we will refuse a request is when the request is out of alignment with our mission or vision.


Our mission is to heal the world, one person, at a time and help people raise their vibrational state to one of love, appreciation, and joy to achieve our vision when "kindness is the new norm." Any requests that are not in alignment of our mission or vision; i.e., to harm others or oneself will not be answered.

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I am trying to book but keep getting an error with my phone number

Please note:  phone number is an optional field and only needs to be provided if you require an SMS Reminder. There are several reasons why the error message is being triggered. Your browser may have automatically filled in your contact details in the booking form, but if it does not include your country code it will be deemed incomplete.


To resolve this, enter your country code in front of your phone number. Ex. for US or Canada, type +1 before your ten-digit phone number. If this doesn't work, you may also need to manually click on the flag and choose the correct one for your country.


I am trying to use a coupon code but I am still being prompted to pay

If you have confirmed that your coupon code is still valid and you have typed it correctly, please ensure that you click the Right Arrow beside the coupon code box (do not click Pay Now). This should apply your discount to the booking price. 

I'm trying to sign up for a session but it's less than 24 hours before it starts. Can I book an event or a service on the same day or less than 24 hours in advance?

Registrations are open up until 24 hours in advance of the event or session. This enables us to better manage client requests for rescheduling as well as our waitlist. If an event or appointment is not appearing on the calendar or is greyed out, it is likely because the booking is less than 24 hours away.

How do I find or keep track of my booking(s)? I can't find my confirmation email that has the Zoom link.

If you create an account (it's free) using the same email that you used to make your booking, you will have access to regular member pages. One of the member pages is My Bookings, which will show you all the services and events you have registered for, and contain the unique Zoom link for each session.

To create an account, click on the Log In icon at the top right of our website. 

This will open the Login Form. At the top, click on the link that says Sign Up.

Enter your email and a password to create your account; IMPORTANT: please use the same email address you have used to book any sessions.

Once you've finished signing up for your new account you will be taken directly to the My Bookings page.

I have just became a Be The Change or Kindness Work Member. How do I get started?

Welcome and thank you for becoming a contributing member of the Coherence Healing community. To access you benefits, Log In with the email that you used to create your account when you purchased your membership. After logging in you will see a down arrow which you can click on to see all the member pages.

Note: if you are a Be The Change or Kindness Works member and find that you are being prompted to pay for an event that is included in  your membership plan, please check to ensure: you are logged in using the same email that you used to purchase your membership

I am a Be The Change or Kindness Works member. How do I book the Tesla 3-6-9 Meditation sessions or Healing Kindness events for free?

Please see the above steps for logging in and accessing the Member Dashboard. There you will find the buttons to register for the events included in your membership plan. 

I am a Be The Change or Kindness Works member. Why do I need to register for each event if they are included for free in my plan?  

Members must register for each event because a unique Zoom link is created for every session on a particular date. In addition, we require members to only sign up for the events they will attend because we have to manage our events to a limited number of participants.


I am a Be The Change or Kindness Works member. I want to cancel my membership

Please see the above steps for logging in. Access 'My Subscriptions' and select your membership plan. Expand the view so that you can see the details, and click on 'Cancel subscription.' 

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