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17th Oct - 12 pm PST (US), 8 pm BST (UK)

31st Oct - 12 pm PST (US), 8 pm BST (UK)

Please note, I live in New Zealand and our online booking system might show Sunday 18th / 1st - 8 am

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Each month we provide two one-hour Tesla 3-6-9 quantum meditation group sessions to allow you to expand your consciousness, experience a spiritual connection and manifest a happier life. At the same time, clear emotional blockages and feel them release tangibly for yourself.

During our meditation sessions, I will take your consciousness into the quantum field, and each person will have a completely unique experience. Both breathwork and quantum meditation sessions are downloads to me by Nikola Tesla.


Come and join us in these powerful online meditation and healing sessions via Zoom (video optional; you can just choose the audio if you wish). Treat yourself and experience your highest vibrational potential! 

After the meditation, if you would like to stay online and ask questions or share your experience, I will continue the Zoom for a 30-minute Q&A session.

If after the meditation, you feel a noticeable difference in your body, mind, or spirit, please consider donating in support of our mission to help everyone heal themselves from within. Every single contribution is gratefully received in helping with our success and mission through love, intention and compassionate care for the well-being of others and this planet. Be the change you want to see in this world.


Meditation can be done anywhere you feel it is comfortable: either sitting on the floor, in a chair or even lying down. At the start of all our meditation sessions we will begin with breathwork in order to acquire the correct vibrational state quickly. 

For best results, we advise you to wear comfortable clothes, and use headphones, earphones, or earbuds.

The breathwork that goes with all of our quantum meditation sessions is called Tesla 3-6-9 

TESLA 3-6-9

I have named this Tesla 3-6-9 because the breathwork and quantum meditation were downloaded to me by Nikola Tesla.

Tesla 3-6-9 is a deep conscious breathing process that requires you to take deep breaths, filling up your abdomen and placing your intentions on your third energy centre / solar plexus during the entire process. 


We begin the breathwork by taking in 3 large deep abdominal breaths followed by 3 quick breaths. Then we take 6 large deep abdominal breaths followed by 6 quick breaths. We then take 9 large deep abdominal breaths followed by 9 quick breaths. Hold the breath for as long as you can comfortably at the end of each round. This is 1 round.

We repeat this process for an additional 2 more rounds (3 rounds in total) once you're finished holding your breath for as long as comfortably possible.


At the end of Round 3 allow yourself to relax. From here I will take your consciousness into the quantum field.

Most people will feel a vibrational energetic tingling sensation throughout their entire body, almost like an energetic pins and needles sensation; this is preparing your physical body and mind for deep quantum meditation. 


Expect thoughts to pour in from all directions at this stage, so allow this to happen and acknowledge them, please don't push them to one side. Allow yourself to observe these thoughts and feelings.


Eventually, the intensity of thoughts will slowly disappear like clouds in the sky. I call this state mushin, a mind without a mind. During this last stage each person will have a completely unique experience.


Any questions, please email beforehand, or stay on afterwards for the 30-minute follow-up Q&A session.



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