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Energy Clearing

Energy Clearing and Distant Healing Can Help

Your body can get misaligned very easily, and get drawn all out of balance if you aren't maintaining it well. Coherence Healing can offer you various energy clearing techniques that will help you cleanse your inner spirit core and drive out negative feelings and negative energies that are bogging down your mind and spirit. Balancing your energy with your body is key to springing forward with a renewed sense of vigor and vitality. We can help you revitalize your mind and reenergize your spirit, and you will feel infinitely better once you have experienced these wonderful things.

Understanding Distant Healing

Distant healing is a term that you may hear when discussing Eastern medicine. Distant healing isn't something that your regular physician will talk to you about. However, it has been used for centuries in natural healing circles. Currently, distant healing treatments are being increasingly recognized and tested in scientific settings. When you consider the nature of the universe, just inhaling is not so challenging to believe. Distant healing is often referred to as remote healing. In this healing treatment, a person is treated from afar. The healer transmits positive energy toward the patient. Proximity is not a problem. The patient can be located in the next room or they can be located all the way around the world. As modern science begins to catch up with techniques that have been practiced for centuries, you will certainly hear more about distance healing. If you would like to experience this amazing treatment process yourself, please feel free to contact me.

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