Egoic-reality exists based on your 'identification' created and reinforced by the stories we tell ourselves. Through education, parents' beliefs, our friends, media, religion and our labels all shaped by our environment.

Your ego is what keeps you locked away in an endless cycle of positive or negative chatter, separating you from the present moment. You will then start to believe that if you surround yourself with materialistic objects and the need for social validation, then that becomes who you are. 

The truth is, we already started the process of self-identifying with our surface reflection as early has five years old. This reflection is how everyone else will see you and how you see yourself.

When we identify with our egoic-reality, we then start to give these stories prominence and end up actually resisting the truth and we slowly begin to activate our lower vibrational state compared with our natural vibrational state.

So many people are starting to wake up to who they are. We look at life through half-closed eyes, constantly being reinforced that this is 'who you are.' So we then enter into a world of forgetfulness to come to terms with reality.


When you forget who you are, you can sometimes go through the process of remembering who you really are, which some people call a spiritual awakening. And that we are eternal divine spiritual beings having a temporary human experience and that we have a physical body and we have an energetic astral body.


Our astral body wakes up to a higher dimension and will experience similar things to what your physical body is experiencing in your everyday reality, connecting to people in a very different way, but in an astral life.​

You might also assume that when you die, you don't have any more communication with your loved ones, but this is not the truth either. When we die, we shed our physical body and we have a similar experience to a kundalini awaking. Then we wake up to our higher state of consciousness, connected to everyone we have ever known, including our self.

Understanding this knowledge could be the missing link for so many people. The sad reality is that we get lost in our stories and in our egoic thinking, that our physical body is 'all that we are and we are who we are.'​​

Our beliefs will always keep us in a continuing comparable experience over and over again. The same thoughts will always lead to the same choices, actions, and behaviours. In turn, you will create the exact same, emotions and feelings and may even create incoherence frequencies 

Most of your day-to-day experiences are ninety-five percent run by your subconscious mind, which means that you are on autopilot versus your conscious mind, which only accounts for about five percent.

So, your future isn't going to change that much from what it is now, because you’re thinking the same thoughts. Therefore, similar things will continue to manifest in your life because you are resonating with those kinds of lower emotions.


If you want to change how your future looks, first you must change the stories that you are continuously telling yourself and change your program and your reflection on reality in the now.

Some people aren't ready to let go of their egoic-reality and believe that quantum healing isn't possible and won't work, which then creates another level of resistance to coherence healing.


This is because the egoic mind provides some people with life drama and rewards for not wanting to be healed, as crazy as that sounds. But they get a reward from all the attention of being sick. They are afraid to let go subconsciously, and they need the identity of pain and suffering; they might not even be aware that they are like this because they believe that this is who they are.

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (A.D.H.D) is an excellent example of egoic-reality. For instance, you might be concerned that you're unable to concentrate at work or school and you have an excess amount of energy, unable to sit still for more than five minutes. After doing some initial research on the internet only to be reaffirmed by other people with similar experiences that you do, in fact, have A.D.H.D.

We believe in the system and structure so much, and we place a high level of credibility on our doctors when we visit them. Especially if they confirm what you already suspect, based on what you're telling them.


Subconsciously, you have just agreed to a new self-contract, thus creating a new identity and label about ‘this is who I am,’ constantly being affirmed every time you tell the story of ‘I have A.D.H.D.’ This is now how you will see yourself and how others will see you. 

But you can either agree or disagree with this outcome. Instead, you can reframe your story and realise that you have an excessive amount of energy that needs to be rebalanced with something else, allowing you to be in the present moment.