Quantum Theory 101

In 1921, Albert Einstein was awarded a Nobel peace prize for his contribution to Theoretical Physics by discovering the law of photoelectric effect, which aided the invention of quantum theory.

Quantum theory is the basis of modern physics that explains the nature and behaviour of matter and energy on the atomic and subatomic level. The nature and behaviour of matter and energy at that level is sometimes referred to as quantum physics and quantum mechanics.

So basically quantum mechanics is the physics of very small and the study of the dissipation of energy and mass (entropy). What does this have to with you in today's reality?


The word ‘entropy’ is derived from the Greek word ‘entropia’ meaning ‘transformation’. The entropy of a system depends upon its energy and in how many different ways the atoms and molecules can be arranged. By exposing it to new energy or adding new energy will result in a transformation.

All matter is nothing but vibrating energy (E=mc2). You are composed of matter and matter is made of molecules; molecules come from atoms, and atoms, in turn, consist of protons, neutrons and electrons, particles of energy. You and everything around you is a form of energy.

When atoms come together and bond, they begin to exchange energy when you have enough atoms, they form a molecule; if you have enough molecules, they will form a chemical. If you take enough chemicals and assemble them in order, they will create a cell.

If you group enough cells together, they begin to form tissues, if you have enough tissue, they will form an organ, and each organ will have its own energy, vibration, frequency and information. 


Put enough organs together, and we create our reproductive, immune, digestive, muscular and nervous systems. Now, they have their own energy, vibration, frequency and information.

When we take all the systems in our body and put them together, we create our invisible energy field our true state of being and our true reflection

In short, everything that we know to exist as an energy field, including you, is called a torus. The torus energy flows through one end, circulates at the center, and exits from the other side.


It is completely balanced, self-regulating, and always whole, continually refreshing and influencing itself. The primary pattern for life at every level a perfect self-organising system.


The tori is made out of its environment but is distinct within it. One is spiralling and expanding upwards, and the other is contracting and spiralling downwards, like a tornado or a whirlpool. Even the thoughts that we generate also have separate toris as well.

The more coherence we are the more we generate homeostasis, energy, order, balance and health and the less likely we will decline over time, due to illness and disease. 

I can provide high vibrational energy and a coherent frequency to anyone in the world via quantum entanglement.