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After living with 30 years of sexual, physical and mental abuse, suffering from PTSD, severe depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, and loneliness, I had had enough. I concluded that suicide was my only option to finally achieve inner peace after hitting rock bottom in December 2018. 

I had no control over my thoughts or feelings, and after a while, I didn't have the willpower to live or fight. I just wanted to be loved and to make friends, but every day was an endless struggle in a life of desolation and loneliness. 

Two months prior to me committing suicide I experienced the most profound awakening you will ever hear which has left me with an amazing amount of love for humanity and the world during this awakening I was given extraordinary gifts to help guide others, emotionally, physically and spiritually, through their own healing journey. 

But on March 29th, 2019, at 9:26 am, I experienced a phenomenon physicists call a quantum superposition meaning two or more conflicted states / alternative realities existing at the exact same time and in the same space. Where I observed my suicide from the past, present and future, including the moment of now.


I discovered that there is no such thing as death as we know it when you physically die; only consciousness exists before it collapses into one of those realities.

Immediately followed by experiencing a painful five-hour consciousness awakening that spontaneously reversed all of my mental and physical health issues overnight, including my testicular and prostate cancer.


In time, as I share in ONEO®, my autobiography I discovered I had received many extraordinary gifts, including pure consciousness where I have no inner voice, or chatter and no ego. I experience pure silence all the time with no self-doubt and or ability to judge.


I can feel and sense what is happening with someone on the other side of the world, just as if you were standing right next to me. I have the ability to connect with consciousness and read your subconscious, giving you a unique perspective as to why you feel a certain way and why you are unable to move forward in life. 


Cornelius Christopher
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