Connecting with consciousness

I can connect with consciousness, your 'higher-self' meaning the best version of yourself, past loved ones, past lives, ascending masters, guides, angels whatever the terminology you would like to use and the ability to connect to your subconscious mind.

I have zero inner distraction, no negativity, no self-doubt and without the distraction of an inner voice, I can hear consciousness as clear as if I was talking to you face to face.

Authentic testimonial from Rayan from Florida USA.


“Where do I begin… I cannot sugar coat this, nor lie, but this is the first time I’ve met someone who takes their time and TRULY cares for their clients. It felt as if he was inside my mind, my heart and soul. He has spent so much of his time to reach out and talk to me after we first initially spoke. I’ve carried heavyweight for many years, and never thought I’d find someone who can physically connect to me.


Not just mentally. He has helped me unravel so many deep issues stringing from my childhood, to day-to-day issues I never knew affected me so harshly. 


The words I write for you today, do not begin to scratch the surface of who this man is, and how phenomenal and magical his work really is. I feel our souls will forever be connected, not just as a form of guide or mentor, but as a friend.


A friend who has answered my desperate calls in the middle of the night, even with the timezone differences we have. He has helped me with finding my deepest soul questions, I’ve yearned for, for what felt like my whole life. 


From topics consisting of deep family traumas, past lives, future events, and guiding me through my own intuition/empathic abilities. He has given a strong sense of hope for what life has to bring next, and I cannot personally thank him enough. Not a day goes by that I am not blessed to have crossed paths with this kind gentleman.


There is not more to say, other than you would be blown away by his amazing inner AND outer work. Thank you, Cornelius Christopher, for all your help."