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Coherence Healing® is a high-level Dojo that deepens our capacity to cope and release difficult lower vibrational emotions, negative subconscious beliefs, programs, loops, unhealthy attachments, overthinking and feeling, including the ego.


Coherence Healing® opens the heart and mind in remarkable ways;  you will feel more spiritually connected instead of separate and alone. Not only will your reality change, but your overall physical health and wellness will also be dramatically improved if not reversed. Your mind will become more positive with kindness and self-compassion towards yourself. Your level of Consciousness will expand to think differently, creating unlimited possibilities and more importantly, living in a happier vibration.


By living in a higher vibration, you will begin to see opportunities and synchronicities everywhere, which weren't so clear to you before. What once was seen as a disadvantageous situation, you may begin to view that same situation as an advantage or an opportunity. In fact, the way you view reality will never be the same again!


Coherence Healing® is more than energy, vibrations and frequency. A deep Consciousness inner healing begins to take place. It operates on the principle that our own Consciousness is the ultimate 'healer of self.' 

Your journey towards happiness and inner change are incredibly important to us it is why my wife and I work as hard as we do. I have undertaken over 4,000 one-on-one sessions including 250 live guided Coherence Healing group sessions in the last year, working 14 hours a day, seven days a week.

Coherence healing® is a heart-based family interactive holistic online wellness center fully committed to helping you find true inner happiness, joy and love. We treat the whole person, mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. All we ask is that you show the same commitment to yourself.

The most common cause of failure in anything, including Coherence Healing®, is the belief that it won't work. Our beliefs are what we perceive to be true, even if they are false in reality. Whatever you believe in shapes and influences your decision-making, which will determine your attitudes. Our attitudes are created, controlled and influenced entirely by our beliefs. These limiting beliefs become our normal way of thinking that we unconsciously return to repeatedly because our subconscious has developed neural connections to support our pattern of thinking. 


This is why it's critical to understand how the subconscious mind works. You can read an entire library of New York Times best-selling self-help books or spiritual teachings, study different systems, strategies and methodologies, attend world-class seminars, speak to as many so-called self-help experts and consultants as you want in an attempt to reprogram your subconscious mind. 


They still won't work because your subconscious mind doesn't believe these will work. It's the same as quitting anything addictive — willpower can only get you so far until you revert back to your old subconscious self-image. Living in the past wishing, you had chosen a different path, or constantly living in the future of devastating consequences hoping for change. 


So whatever you consciously believe, your subconscious will create a reality based on that truth. Our thoughts create our reality and reality fundamentally has no meaning apart from the meaning we give it.


If you are struggling in life or you're unable to move forward for whatever reason, please, I encourage you to give Coherence Healing® a real good go for at least 6 months. If you're serious about changing your life, you need to embody that change. Action is nothing without intention, and intention is nothing without action. True inner change happens when intention and action are aligned with your journey.


Please be patient Coherence Healing® can take some time and not all transformations and awakenings happen overnight but they do happen on a daily basis for those people who are committed to their journey.


Because I have been where some of you are now, I just want to help you become happy and I know how to do that due to my extraordinary awakening, no inner voice and my gift of connecting with Consciousness.

Coherence Healing® is an actual physical somatic experience where you can experience energetic waves or vibrations throughout the body. Including the opening of your energy centres / chakras, involuntary movements, tremors, muscle pops, twitches, adjustments, and even skeletal muscles alignments. In addition, you will also feel emotionally lighter and happier.


Cornelius and D invite members of Coherence Healing® to participate in our live unscripted open conversations covering incredible insights, truth, knowledge, practical tools, techniques, and a new way of thinking so you have the ability to shift into a new reality by raising your vibrations and expanding your Consciousness.

All coherence healing group sessions and events are online via Zoom
(video optional; you can just choose the audio if you wish).
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