Coherence healing is a family heart-based interactive online wellness centre specialising in raising your body to a coherent vibration, removing emotional trapped negative energy stored in the body. The ability to let go of old subconscious beliefs, stories, patterns, and even the ego by updating your Operating System (OS) and deleting old Apps. Ones that have been stopping you from moving forward with joy in the heart.


But more importantly, we give you the tools to be kind and loving to yourself so that your emotions and body are not in chaos, stress, and incoherent, all which can then manifest into emotional suffering, physical pain, illness, disease and cancers. 


Prior to my awakening, I was suicidal and needed help. I paid for one session with a therapist who explained they could help me over the course of 30 sessions, $200 each. I felt even more helpless than before. I was desperate for help, but I couldn't afford to get it.


This is why we decided to make Coherence Healing donation-based because we believe help, healing, wellness and guidance should be available to everyone, regardless of income.




By communicating directly with your subconscious mind, we help you pinpoint the origin of what is holding you back and possibly causing health-related issues including guidance.


Each session is unique, just like you. It does not rely on exact scripts, or methods, but instead is adaptable to the client's needs, and the situation at hand. 



During your Connecting with Consciousness Heal or Unshackling session you will tangibly feel or experience an energetic release, involuntary movements, tremors, muscle pops, twitches, adjustments and even skeletal alignments and pain will quickly subside. 

You can also feel as if an emotional weight has been lifted from your body, and you will start to feel inner happiness and serenity of mind, one with more energy and creativity. 

More importantly, you will begin to realise you are more than the physical body; you will have an awareness of consciousness and have the potential of letting go of your ego and living life without suffering.


Coherence healing involves raising our levels of Consciousness and vibrational state of being which is done by evolving our egos. The easiest way to explain is to consider our egos to be like the Operating System (OS) on our phones. Our beliefs are like the apps we install onto them.


As we move through life, we encounter new and sometimes challenging situations which require us to learn, evolve and adapt. This requires regular updates to our OS that enable us to install newer, more useful apps for a better life.

However, many of us are running on old OS that desperately needs an update. In fact, some of us are running on outdated, crippling OS that block all incoming messages, making the phones useful only for comparing against each other and repeatedly processing old information. This is a state of complete incoherence.

Most suffering is the result of deeply ingrained subconscious trauma. A trauma does not need to be a memorable event; i.e., we define trauma as anything that keeps you from moving forward with joy.


Because we are often taught to suppress our feelings, it is not uncommon for a person to be unable to recognise what caused the trauma or the incoherence. The negative emotional energy can build over the years, stopping you from upgrading your OS.


This is where I work with your subconscious mind OS to help pinpoint the origin of the trauma. Your subconscious doesn't mince words. It gets straight to the point. Your subconscious can tell you what the original trauma was, and how you're holding yourself back due to the various limiting beliefs and behaviours you've installed onto your OS

Upgrading your OS and a coherent frequency cures a physical ailment when the trauma is dealt with. This can happen instantaneously the moment a person recognises the original trauma and sees how they have been holding themselves back.


When your OS is upgraded and the traumatic energy is unblocked, released, cleared and rebalanced, you will start to feel at one with yourself. You will gain a greater connection with your mind, body, soul and free from physical pain. There is no need for weeks of therapy.

The right people will enter your life, and the wrong people will exit. New opportunities will present themselves to you because you will be resonating at a higher vibrational frequency and living in an alternative reality to the one you previously operated in.​

Not only would you be starting to create a more powerful point of view, but you will also have the potential to shift your level of consciousness to a higher field of awareness, and your thoughts can correlate with what we want to experience in your life.