Chakra & Energy Rebalancing 

I can rebalance, align and release any trapped, stagnant energy including life stresses in your chakras. Then start the process of opening and rebuilding your energy channels. 

The chakra system is an ancient way of viewing the body with published scientific research and evidence proving these energy centres exist. There are 114 Chakras or energy centres in our body although most people have heard of the seven main chakras as indicated in the diagram that is related to your internal energy, vibrations, frequency and state of being.


Chakras meaning swirling wheels of energy since our system is constantly in motion, it's essential that our energy centres remain open, aligned, and fluid. Each energy centre is associated with major organs, your nervous system and is predominantly connected to your day to day life, either emotionally, mentally or physically and to some people even spiritually.


If your energy centres are spinning counter-clockwise, extremely fast or not even moving at all, blocked, incoherent and off centre. Or you have experienced some sort of emotional trauma and you have suppressed it and haven't dealt with it properly they all indicate that you have of an out of balance chakra system.


This results in a devastating and crippling experience, where you can start to feel stressed, depressed, anxious, and unable to move forward or your fight or flight response. This is because your mind, body, soul, spirit and energy are intimately connected. 


If our energy centres are weak, then our physical body is weak. Which then fires incoherent messages to those associated systems and organs, creating disorder. Now our immune system is in survival mode, which then draws energy from our first three lower energy centres. That can manifest as physical illnesses or emotional imbalances when we are not in alignment with our life experiences and why we choose this experience.

Our first energy centre is located at the base of our spine, and this represents sexual trauma, molestation, confidence, trust in life, self-esteem, our basic instincts, the need to survive or the fight or flight reflex.


Our second energy centre is located below our navel; this represents sexual desires, attractions, procreation, guilt, shame, pain, unworthiness, victimisation, anger and fear. 


Our third energy centre is located above our navel and represents competition, control, impatience, determination, self-acceptance, willpower, intuition and ego. 

Our fourth energy centre is located in the centre of our chest and represents love, compassion, emotional security, forgiveness and kindness. 


Our fifth energy centre is located in our throat and represents communication and expressing creativity and individuality. 


Our sixth energy centre is located between our eyes and this represents the truth about the universe, the truth about ourselves and other people. 


Our seventh energy centre is located at the top of our head and represents consciousness and enlightenment. 


But when your energy is unblocked, released, cleared and rebalanced, you will start to feel at one with yourself. You will gain a greater connection with your mind, body and soul. You will experience a personal inner transformation, seeing a new lease on life emerge. 


Each of the seven energy centres has its own frequency and carry their own intent and message because all frequencies carry information. When we raise our frequency, we raise our energy levels, and if our energy levels are strong, then our physical body is strong.