Due to an overwhelming response from recent interviews and continuous repeat bookings, I can only take one-on-one sessions from May onwards. Please scroll through the months to find a day and time that suits you. In the meantime, please join us in our daily activation meditations, so you can start experiencing a happier higher vibrational life moving you beyond the limits of your mind and the confines of the ego, a life based from the heart.


All the information you need is on this website.

Due to being extremely busy, I am unable to answer all inquiries so any questions regarding health, wellness, guidance, or any of our services please book an initial free consultation.


This initial consultation is only to see if we can work together moving forward. If you are in need of desperate help please join our live daily activation meditations.

I am also fully booked for the next 5 months for one-on-one sessions so please be advised that people are now booking through to December.

Technical issues? check our FAQ

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