Reminder: All services are donation-based

We believe wellness should be available to everyone, regardless of income (click here to read Why?). With each type of service we suggest a range of donation amounts; however, you are always able to specify your own amount.


This donation-based system enables us to help those who truly cannot afford to pay and allows every client the opportunity to make a conscious decision from the heart. 

Our Apologies for the confusion.

We're trying to do something unconventional using conventional systems. Our conventional booking system wasn't designed for donation-based services., so the donation and booking processes are entirely separate.


This is because we want to allow those who cannot afford to pay to still receive healing. If you can afford to make a donation, we ask that you do so now, prior to booking your session.

Give from the heart

Feel the gratitude from us and the innumerable people you are helping

Please take this moment to make a donation


Click 'Donate' and enter a value of your choice.

Recommended donation levels for Services (in NZD):

  • HEAL ....$50

  • UNSHACKLING .....$90


Which Service should I choose?

Choose FREE ONLINE CONSULTATION if you are a new for details

Choose HEAL if you wish to free yourself from pain or for details 

Choose UNSHACKLING if you wish to free yourself from circumstances or beliefs that are holding you for details

Choose METAPHYSICAL MIRROR if you are in search of answers from Consciousness, including your Higher Self or other facets of your for details

Please Note: To connect with clients all over the world  I use Zoom video conferencing app.


Also, due to being extremely busy, please accept my apologies in advance if I am running behind, sometimes this does happen.

  • Healing, Clearing, Balancing.

    30 min

    $40 - $50 - $60 NZD
  • Connect with Consciousness and Let Go of Your Past

    1 hr

    $70 - $90 - $110 NZD
  • Receive Guidance Directly from Consciousness

    1 hr

    $70 - $90 - $110 NZD

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