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In recent years, mental health issues have become an epidemic. Online meditation seminars, webinars, wellness retreats, and smartphone apps are in hot demand. However, very few provide meaningful tools to release past traumas and cope with the stresses of daily life. That’s the distinction of Coherence Healing® and You 2.0™ —a unique and effective transformative healing process and at the same time changing the way you view reality.

"It doesn't matter how you got here; what matters now is the choice you make?"


There is no way to explain it apart from experiencing it for yourself.


Coherence Healing® is unlike any other mindfulness-based meditation, practice, or self-help technique. Nor does it resemble any other holistic or psychotherapy modality you’ve ever encountered. In fact, you won't even find what I do on the internet, so you can save some time searching.


With Coherence Healing®, you can repair and rebuild all your major systems and organs to their optimal vibration and frequency, correcting any incoherence, illness, unexplained pain and disease within your body. In short, you can heal at the deepest level. Prepare for your physical and emotional health to improve dramatically.  

Coherence Healing® is a self-validation somatic experience involving energetic waves or vibrations throughout the body, which includes opening your energy centres/chakras, involuntary movements, tremors, muscle pops, twitches and even skeletal alignments.


The guiding principle of Coherence Healing® is that our Consciousness is the ultimate healer and opens the heart and mind in remarkable ways when practiced in tandem with YOU 2.0 and Oneo® A Way of Life.

If you’re struggling in life, unable to move forward and experiencing a decline in your overall health and wellness, I encourage you to try Coherence Healing® for at least 6 months. You’ll be amazed at the life you can unlock. 
Even if I am not the right person to help you move forward, I hope this site gives you a new direction in your own healing journey.

YOU 2.0

YOU 2.0™ is a high-level Dojo that moves you from 1.0 to You 2.0™
quickly and effectively it is both an inner and outer journey.

What's the difference between 1.0 and YOU 2.0?

1.0 is living in darkness at lower vibrations, constantly stressed, with your emotions dominated by sadness, grief, fear, anger, judgment, guilt, and shame. It’s feeling stuck in life with no joy or happiness, feeling separate and alone, always living in the past or the future and wishing for something different. You view yourself with a negative lens and your health will inevitably decline.


YOU 2.0™ is living at a higher vibration, full of light and abundance. Your mind will become quieter, equipped with a more positive lens to view yourself with kindness and compassion. Feeling newly energized, your level of Consciousness will expand so you can start to think differently. You will begin to see fresh opportunities and synchronicities everywhere, creating unlimited possibilities and, more importantly, happiness.

The hardest part about moving from 1.0 to YOU 2.0™ is finding the time to do it. If you make the time and commitment, the Dojo will transform your life. 


We believe health, wellness, and guidance should be available to everyone, regardless of income. We have suggested a heart-based donation amount for The Metaphysical Mirror and our Blue Light Love sessions.

Prior to my awakening, I was suicidal and needed help. I paid for one session with a therapist who explained she could help me over the course of 30 sessions, at $300 each.  I felt even more helpless than before. I was desperate for help, but I couldn't afford to get it.

If you're experiencing financial hardship and you can't afford my suggested 1-on-1 donation amounts 
please contact me.

I have been where many of you are now. I spent 37 years feeling depressed, anxious, lonely, and unloved without even recognising the state my life was in. My depression was an invisible illness that spread and grew until I reached the point of wanting to commit suicide in June 2019.


All the information you receive during our sessions comes through me rather than from me. I come to you with humility, and in no way take credit for the gifts I was given or any healing you receive. I am here to help those who desperately need help—mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. 


I am wholly transparent, direct and honest, approaching each new person with no judgment and a commitment to changing their life forever. Harnessing my gift of connecting with Consciousness. All sessions are entirely channeled.  

What I do is incredibly difficult to describe, which has been my biggest challenge in sharing my gift. Instead, allow me to show you what your life can be.

I experience the world differently than most. I offer an alternative way to move forward in life. I share what I know and use my gifts to help clear the way for what always existed: the light within.

Cornelius Christopher courageously opens up his life to show how we urgently need to change the way we treat one another and, more importantly, ourselves. 


ONEO® is one of the most influential and inspiring spiritual awakening journeys you will ever read. From despair to enlightenment, every sentence rings with honesty and bravery; the details and description of Cornelius’s Consciousness awakening with no previous spiritual insight or understanding are unbelievable; you are right there when this happens. 

ONEO® is more than an autobiography; it’s beyond words, beyond anything you have ever read before; it’s life and world-changing. 


5-Star Amazon Reviews

"A Book The World Needs To Read"

"Every time we choose not to speak our truth or feel our emotions and feelings, we lose a little piece of ourselves, and the light within starts to dim."
I do not have a wait or cancellation list 

Due to being extremely busy, I am unable to answer all inquiries.

I am fully booked regarding 1-on-1 sessions. If your health and wellness are declining or you feel blocked, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually I encourage you to join me in my live daily Coherence Healing® sessions.