We believe wellness should be available to everyone, regardless of income. No matter how much you donate, you'll be getting the same service as everybody else. We have suggested a heart-based donation amount for all our one-on-one sessions.

Your kind donations allow us to help those who truly can't afford it and are in desperate need of help.

Coherence Healing® is highly effective and is unlike any other mindfulness-based meditation, practice or technique you have ever encountered or experienced before. There is a reason why you found this website even if you're not sure what that reason is just yet. Nothing is by chance, trust your intuition and believe in synchronicity, it's not served you wrong so far.

Through participating in Coherence Healing® your overall physical and mental health will dramatically be improved if not reversed and the way you see and talk to yourself will be positive, not negative. Your inner vibrations will be raised and your level of Consciousness will be expanded. Your life will be changed forever, more importantly happier.

Coherence Healing® is more than energy, vibrations and frequency a deep Consciousness inner healing begins to take place. It operates on the principle that our own consciousness is the ultimate 'healer of self.' As we move into higher happier vibrations, lower vibrational emotions such as not being good enough, don't do enough, not being worthy, including guilt and shame will naturally begin to fall away as you activate and awaken the light within.

The hardest thing YOU have to do
is hit a zoom link and listen

YOU 2.0™


We help people all over the world expand their consciousness and raise their vibrations to create an alternative life to what they are experiencing now, by helping them become more aware of who they are and who they are not, one person at a time, starting within.

But more importantly, we help people find true tangible inner happiness, joy and unconditional love for themselves. We provide you with new in-depth insight into what has been holding you back from living a life that is brimming with inner happiness, and serenity of mind, one with more energy and creativity.

Then we give you all the tools and the direction for personal development, transformation and living a life emotionally, mentally or physically pain-free


The Metaphysical Mirror™ is one of the most mind-opening experiences you will ever experience. Whether you are struggling with an important decision, find yourself feeling lost, stuck and unable to move forward or challenged by a seemingly impossible situation. It will help you with practically any aspect of your life, personal or professional. It is more than life coaching; it’s ‘YOU’ coaching ‘YOURSELF.’

Words alone can not describe what or how I do it, apart from experiencing it for yourself.
"I had the most profound experience of my life. You have heard the quote “The most two important days in your life are the day you’re born and the day you find out why” by Mark Twain.

"Well, I experienced my second important day. After talking to Cornelius, I am now dividing my life into before and after I met him. Being in his presence elevates your vibrational energy to such a state that you feel you want to cry out of happiness.


You feel you are home, you have found what you were looking for all your life. I came with a question about my life´s purpose and left with an immense understanding, clarity, and remembering why I am here.. Never in my life have experienced such love, connection with my source.


Not only that, Cornelius has helped me remove my blocks in my whole body that were affecting my self-expression, self-esteem, financial situation - that was limiting me to such an extent that I didn’t even realise that I had. Straight after the session, I felt being “ME”. the I way am - the way my soul is."

- Julia

I am absolutely certain I have been where some of you are now. I spent thirty-seven years of my life not realising I was depressed, anxious, lonely, and unloved. My depression was like an invisible illness that spread and grew to the point of suicide. 


Two months prior to me committing suicide I experienced the most profound awakening you will ever hear which has left me with an amazing amount of love for humanity and the world during this awakening I was given extraordinary gifts to help guide others, emotionally, physically and spiritually, through their own healing journey. 

Enlightenment of Eternal Life,
The Acceptance of I and One With Yourself

by Cornelius Christopher

ONEO® is a self-reflective autobiography regarding how our behaviour and actions can affect others, enough for someone to consider taking their own life. Someone like me.


By sharing my own journey of pain and inner transformation, I hope to inspire and connect with those seeking a deeper understanding of their own consciousness, and of how consciousness and reality are interconnected. 


5-Star Amazon Reviews

"A Book The World Needs To Read"